Small Animals

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VETIQ Immunity Care Small Animal Treat

VetIQ Immunity Care treats for small animals comprise of a crispy shell with a nutritious cream filled centre

Classic Nibble Sticks

Colourful and tasty, these fruity flavoured Nibble Sticks are a healthy treat for small pets

Small 'N' Furry - Gnaw T Pear

This colourful wood toy is safe for your small animal to spend hours of nibbling and chewing fun with! 5cm

Small 'N' Furry Miner 'L' Banana

A great edible treat for your small animal to nibble on! 12cm

Small 'N' Furry Mineral Candy Cakes

Versatile: have pre drilled holes to fit K bob stick Fruit flavoured for pet appeal Safety first: totally safe for consumer peace of mind

Comfey Woodshaving Briefcase

Comfey Pet Woodshavings are made only with best quality soft wood shavings which are a natural and hygienic bedding product for rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs and other small animals.